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Want a fursuit but don’t have a character? Here are some designs you can choose from! Each adoptable has a suit designed of them, ready to be made! You can choose to have a head made, a partial (head, hand paws, feet paws, wings if included and a tail) or a full suit. When you adopt a character you get a free deluxe badge worth $30! The prices listed with each character include basic features such as fabric teeth, basic paw pads and fabric claws. If you want you can choose features to upgrade from the commissions page. The full suit price includes digitigrade padding except for Bluebell the Bear and Clover the Elephant. The prices are negotiable, let me know if you have a budget to stick to.

The name and gender of each character can be chosen by their new owner, the ones they have now are just suggestions. If you are interested in one but want the design changed ask me about it! I’m happy to make changes for you.

I’m currently closed for fursuit commissions, if you’re interested in getting one of the adoptables send me an email at You can also check my queue on Trello.

All adoptables are currently being repriced

Baaxnihr the Demon

Meet Baaxnihr (good luck pronouncing that) they're a demon just like Kyah, appearing as a special Halloween adoptable for this year. They're a lot cheaper than a character of this complexity would usually be, so they're great for someone who wants an impressive costume on a budget.

Hatchet the Raptor

Hatchet has bright markings, white horns on her face and black tufts of fur and claws. Her tail will sit outwards, rather than hanging down like most I make.

Clover the Elephant

Elephant fursuits are rarely seen, and I'd love to have a go at making one! Her trunk will be filled with stuffing to keep it nice and soft

Boris the Horse

Boris is a work horse with big, stompy hooves. His mane and tail are made from super long white fur. I usually use bright colours when designing characters, but it was good to work in black and white for once.

Catch the Hyena

Hyenas are one of my favourite species to see fursuits of so I had to make this one. Catch's mane and tail have super long white fur, it looks fantastic when it moves.

Jinlong the Dragon

Dragons are easily my favourite mythical creature, but for a change I made Jinlong an Eastern dragon. He has curly mongolian fur for his mane.

Atlas the Badger

Atlas was the first character I made, her dark blue fur has sparkly tinsel in it because who doesn't love sparkles. 

Havoc the Boar

This grumpy boar has markings based on those of a tapir. I always love cloven hooves and I've always wanted to make a pig fursuit so here we are.

Bluebell the Bear

Bluebell has some airbrushed markings on her head. Her nose and claws are made of a sparkly vinyl. Unlike the rest of the adoptables, she has plantigrade legs.

Duchess the Griffin

Duchess has luxurious layered fox fur a the darker fur in her design. The green accents can be switched for any colour.