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Sergal Paws
Caylex Edited 04 W
Caylex Edited 01 W
Numbat Edited 03 W
Numbat Edited 01 W
Calico Cat Edited 01 W
Calico Cat Edited 02 W
Calico Cat Edited 04 W
Spidey Edited 05 W
Spidey Edited 02 W
Spidey Edited 01 W
Cynder Edited 01 W
Cynder Edited 02 W
Antii 04 W
Antii 01 W
Sparky 03 W
Sparky 01 W
Schnauzer 03 W
Schnauzer 02 W
Panda Shepherd 02 W
Panda Shepherd 03 W
Grant Johnson 01 W
Grant Johnson 04 W
Grant Johnson 02 W
Caspian Edited 02 W
Caspian Edited 04 W
Caspian Edited 01 W
Carousel Horse 08 W
Carousel Horse 06 W
Carousel Horse 04 W
Levi 03 W
Levi 02 W
Accelerator 02 W
Terra 02
Terra 03
Ceyx Legs
Duplex Paws
Fox Full
Fox Side
Fox Front
Hena Side
Hena Back
Hena Main

Hena the hyena was finished in early 2021, she has metal earrings, indoor feet paws, a hollow nose and 30 spots.

Griffin Wings

I experimented with making large wings for the first time since 2017, I'm very happy with how they turned out!

Griffin Hands
Griffin Face
Griffin Side

I designed this griffin to sell as a premade. They're based on the azure kingfisher.

Kit Side
Kit Paws
Kit Eyelids

Kit has velcro eyelids, they ended up working really well despite being a last minute decision.

Cotton Floss

Cotton Floss already had their head and hand paws made by other makers. I finished off their costume by making their feet paws, tail and bodysuit!

Emma Paws
Emma Back
Emma Face

Emma is a realistic wolf with resin and silicone parts by DVC

Fern Face

Fern is a realistic head with resin and silicone parts by DVC

Fern Paws

Fern is the first sergal I've made! They have quite unique paws.

Fern Tail
Corino Head

Corino the dragon is quite the detailed partial! It's also the first time I've done dragon wings.

Corino Back
Corino Paws
Reu Face

Reu's owner made the base for their head! They also wanted to do their own eyes, so the eyes in this photo are digitally painted.

Reu Back
Reu Tail
White Dog Head

This white dog was the winners chosen design for my Bushfire Fundraiser Raffle!

Bloom Bell Single Paw
Bloom Bell Paws

Bloom Bell has some lovely flower print for her paw pads. These are a good example of my toony paws.

Hatchet Face

I make all the mouths in my fursuits able to be opened for some fresh air!

Hatchet Dog
Hatchet Front

Hatchet the Raptor was an adoptable character designed by me! They were my first commission of 2020

Lightning Leg

All of the vinyl on him is holographic!

Lightning the Unicorn

Lightning was my biggest commission yet, he has several interchangable hooves, including hoof boots by Avalon the Deer.

Lightning Side

His mane and tail are made out of several sparkly wigs.

Firefly Back

There are magnets in the neck and bodysuit to make sure the stripe lines up correctly.

Firefly Front

Firefly is my first full bodysuit with a realistic DVC head

Firefly Blacklight

The blacklight had a lot more of a reaction than I expected!


Zolo the Khajiit was made using parts from DVC, he has three types of fur and some subtle airbrushing.

Zolo Close Up
Zolo Side
Galaxy Tail

This is my favourite tail, it's 120cm long

Galaxy Short Tail

I also made a shorter tail, for lighter wear

Galaxy Crocodile

Galaxy is an adoptable character I designed in 2017 and made in 2019

Blue Angel Dragon Tail

This tail has 62 pieces

Blue the Angel Dragon
Pixen Side
Pixen Full
Pixen Face
Pixen Back
Red the Snow Leopard
Xyzl Bat Paws

I love those little wings

Toony Totalus Paws
Toony Fursuit Paws

Totalus has spiral paw pads, and they were a pain to sew. I'm publicly shaming him.

Custom Pink Fursuit Paws
Zebra Tail
Realistic Blue Zebra

This zebra was made using parts from DVC. He only has black and white fur, all the blue is airbrushed on.

Sunspot Leopard Paws
Sunspot Tail

If anyone want's me to make a leopard tail for them please tell me, they look so cool

Sunspot the Leopard

Sunspot was completed as a premade and sold at FurDu 2019

Neo Front
Neo Back

Neo has four tiny wings attached to his bodysuit

Neo the Dutch Angel Dragon

Neo was completed in January 2019. He features airbrushing, and a 2m long tail!

IMG_2675 (2)

This Khajiit cosplay shows off realistic airbrushing. The head base, eye blanks, jawset, silicone tongue and nose were made by Dream Vision Creations.

Darius Side
Darius Kerrigan
Ash Sleepy

Ash has magnetic eyelids for a wider range of expression

Jabbers the Manx Cat

Jabbers was finished in September 2018, just in time for FurJam. She has giant paws, a tiny tail and a new style of feet paws.


Snowgem was finished in 2018, she has gem shaped pupils and paw pads!

Bo Face Reveal
Bo Neck
Jaffer Front View

Finished in March 2018, Jaffer is one of the few avali fursuits in existence. He has handmade feathers on his wings, head and tail.

Jaffer Back

Jaffer is one of the more complex suits I've made, although they do look stunning!

Bo Teaser

Bo is a premade partial designed by me! He'll be for sale at FurDu 2018, more photos will be released soon, as well as a tutorial on how I made his head!

Black Vulpine

Black Vulpine was finished in 2018. He has a slimmer leg design than what I usually do, as well as a few scars and styled hair. Photo by Silver Sheep

Black Vulpine Head

Photo by Silver Sheep

Tiny Fox Plush

This custom fox plush is just 20cm long!

Charr Wink

Charr was finished in 2017. He features magnetic eyebrows and eyelids so he has a wide range of expressions.


Completed in 2016, Kyah is the mascot for Creative Beasts. Keep an eye out for him at conventions around Australia! Photo by Gnarly Scar

Angry Eyebrows

Kyah has magnetic eyebrows, so he can change expressions

Tsuki LEDs

Tsuki has LEDs installed in her head

Photo by Daniel White


Zantee was made in 2015 and later sold

Angel Wings

Angel wings for Miikii the Angel Kitty

Navile Mouth

Navile has a striped tongue and realistic styled teeth

Freddy Fazbear
Navile's Tail

The zig zag pattern on this tail involved 22 pieces!

Kyah Grumpy
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