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Standard Measurements:

These measurements require a tape measure, paper and a pen. Don't worry about taking measurements before placing your order, I'll let you know which measurements to take. This is just here so you can know what to expect.

Head Measurements:

Take a tape measure and measure in cm:

1. All the way around the largest part of head

2. All the way around the jaw

3. Eyes from furthest sides

Toony Head.jpeg

Body Measurements:

Take a tape measure and measure in cm:

1. All the way around the wrist

2. All the way around the elbow

3. All the way around the shoulder

4. Across the chest, directly in the middle of the shoulder measurement, as shown

5. From shoulder to wrist

Remember to measure the body as is. Don't suck in or take the measurements at odd angles. If in doubt, use the larger measurement.

Hand tracing: Spread fingers as wide as is comfortable, and trace onto paper. Either take a photo with a ruler in the shot, or send to me with your duct tape dummy.

Shoe size: Provide US shoe size and type of shoe (M, F or Unisex).


Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial:

DTD Tutorial.jpeg

You will need:

  • Several rolls of duct tape, I'd recommend 3 or 4, you don't want to run out half way through (do not use packing tape or masking tape)

  • Scissors

  • Permanent marker

  • Paper towel

  • A painters bodysuit, or cheap clothes you don't mind cutting up

  • Old clothes you don't mind accidentally cutting

  • At least one other person, but the more the better as it will speed up the process

1. Put on your old clothes, and get ready to stand still for a couple of hours. 

2. Put on the painters bodysuit.

Time to get taped!

3. Tape the crotch, like a pair of tape undies. It's best that the person getting taped does this part, so things don't get uncomfortable. Don't use pieces of tape that are too long, cut roughly every 30cm-50cm.

Make the tape form fitting, but not uncomfortably tight. 

4. Work your way down the legs to the feet. Once you run out of painters clothes, use the paper towel instead so you can tape down the ankle and heel.

5. In the same fashion, work your way from the crotch up the torso. Once you run out of painters clothes, use the paper towel to carefully tape up the neck.

6. Once you get up to the arms, use a chair or broom to prop up the arms at a 90° angle. This will help you arms not get tired of being held up for so long.

Continue taping down the arms, use the paper towel to tape around the thumb.

Now you're done with taping!

7. Using the permanent marker, draw up from the ankle to the wrist on one side, and on the other side from the neck to the wrist, and from the crotch to the ankle, as illustrated. Draw Xs along the lines, placing the centre of the X on the line. This makes it easy to tape up the dummy correctly later. Also remember to label the front of the dummy, and write your characters name on it. Draw a circle over the knees and elbows and where you'd like the tail to be placed (where a belt would sit.)

Time for freedom!

8. Very carefully, cut along the lines. Cut through the tape and the painters suit, but not the clothes underneath.

9. Now wriggle your way out of the dummy. If you can't take it off easily, it's better to cut more than to stretch it.

10. Using the Xs as a guide, tape up the cuts in the dummy. 

Once you're done, fold up the dummy and mail it to the address given to you. Also remember to send the tracing of your hand! You don't need to send a big box, you can squish the dummy down into a small box or post bag, it won't get damaged!

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